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reste que je m’ennuie

if you come back now i’ll give you shinny cupcakes and poetry and never let you go again


lazy, you lazy poet, your words are reckless

it was a beautiful autumn day so we made plans to get up extra early and go pick apples you’d bring your camera  and we’d make faces or to go for a walk by the river or in the woods to play in the leaves it was a beautiful autumn day it was sunny and nice but we ended up spending all day in bed eating exotic fruits and cookies while making plans about what to do on such a beautiful autumn day

i hate you

voodoo doll hate you

two forks and a blueberry tart

and then we ate dessert in the dark sitting on my bed in the middle of the night two forks and a blueberry tart you smiled and i smiled and we had to be careful so we would not drop crumbs all over the sheets and you looked at me with your shinny eyes and i could feel your hair brushing against my cheek and i wanted to kiss you and make you laugh and kiss you so i did and you tasted like blueberry and that’s when i knew

cucul is the new black 3

all the others look the same you’re the only one that shines its all because of your smile and your eyes and your smile

i don’t kiss on the first date

i don’t kiss on the first date i’m old fashioned that way if i really feel like kissing you though you’ll be able to tell cause i’ll stare at your lips more than your eyes when you talk to me yeah you know that if you kiss me ill kiss you back






(still playing)

maybe i’d be happier

i don’t like saying i love you in return it sorta feels less important when it’s i love you too instead of i love you so i often have i love yous caught in my throat that wont come out no matter how much i’d love to say it just because i wasn’t the one who said it first what would happen if i said it first more often what would happen if i could just reply i love you when someone says i love you to me first